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Sand shoals of Kolkasrags (the former name of Kolkasrags - Domesnes) preserve one of the biggest ship graveyards in the World. It is known that for at least 2800 years there has been maritime shipping around it. Bronze Age Scandianavian ancient burial site at the River Roja in Talsi municipality presents evidence on the fact. The changing sand shoals and unforeseeable natural conditions have been the reason and influencing factor for destruction of many ships. During just one storm in 1625 in the proximity of Kolkasrags 10 Swedish naval ships were neaped or sank. Following scientist estimates more than 1500 ships could have sunk here. Bigger or smaller fragments of them are still lying under the water and sand. Their investigation has been difficult up to now. In Soviet times it was a border (closed) zone. Association „DOMESNES” was founded to attract appropriate attention to this monument of history.

Biedrība Domesnes

"Valkmaļi", Kolka, Kolkas pag., Dundagas nov. LV-3275


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